merlin connect system integration

Merlin Connect for System Integration

  • Do you use different software systems to run your company?

  • Do you find it difficult to organise and retrieve information across departments?

  • Would you like data to be transmitted automatically from one software system to another, thus simplifying day-to-day operations?

merlin connect system integration
merlin connect system integration

Merlin Connect for system integration

  • Utilizzi software diversi per gestire la tua azienda?

  • Hai difficoltà nell’organizzare e reperire le informazioni tra i vari reparti aziendali?

  • Ti piacerebbe che i dati venissero trasmessi in automatico da un software all’altro, semplificando così le operazioni quotidiane?

A system integration project aims to create an IT structure that improves the management of business processes by making it more comprehensive, collaborative and efficient.

Merlin Connect software is designed precisely for this purpose.


Merlin Connect’s functions are suitable for all system integration projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

Connecting your systems

Merlin Connect uses the most common software technologies (SQL, .csv files, .xml, etc.) to create interconnection systems that allow data to be transferred from one platform to another to meet your individual business needs.

Data transmission

Thanks to Merlin Connect, we create a system that continuously exchanges data between software using automated transmission processes. Moreover, Merlin Connect is also compatible with any output system.


Merlin Connect can also generate XML files for e-billing, extracting information from the databases of any management system already in use.

Database creation

All information tracked by Merlin Connect is entered into special databases that can be re-used at a later date for statistical purposes or to develop further integration processes.


Process optimisation

Software integration systems such as those created with Merlin Connect enable companies to improve internal operations and have an overview of their processes. This is extremely useful, as they can identify possible bottlenecks in operations and the flow of information from one department to another and promptly address and resolve them.

Data Storage

The databases created by Merlin Connect act as real “repositories” for the data collected. No information is lost and it can be shared by company departments or consulted at a later date.

Coordination between

business areas

“Closed” and inflexible systems lead to common problems such as difficulty in retrieving information or, on the other hand, repetitive operations (e.g. manual data entry). Having a centralised IT system allows company departments to improve coordination, with benefits for the entire business.






In order to be interconnected, a software system must allow data to be sent to and received from third-party programmes.

Whatever you decide. Each software system has different characteristics and functions so provides different data and procedures. You choose what information to transmit based on whatever you want to achieve.

Merlin Connect is ready to use: as it is a cloud service, the software can be installed remotely without technicians having to visit your company.

This means you can use Merlin Connect wherever you are and, should you need assistance, there are no travel costs.

It can be up and running within a few days, after analysing how to create the connection using the technologies supported by the software systems.


Merlin Connect has been chosen by both large and small companies who operate in different sectors. It currently carries out the integration of software including ERP management systems, MES, collection of orders and attempted sales, document archiving, CRM, service request management programmes.


  • Integration: between ERP and MES software

  • Project: using Merlin Connect, a data exchange system was created between the two software systems to organise all aspects of the production chain and coordinate the different departments in the company.

  • Results: optimised production, elimination of bottlenecks, scheduling of machinery utilisation, elimination of delays in product delivery, correct procurement of materials.


  • Integration: between ERP management system and order collection software

  • Project: thanks to the connection created by Merlin Connect between the two programmes, sales agents can collect orders via tablet and automatically send them to the management system, checking stock availability at the same time.

  • Results: better customer service, faster order processing, documents always in order, coordination between departments and sales agents.



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