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Merlin Connect is the 4.0 platform, compatible with any brand/type of machinery, designed to collect and process production data.

Its technology makes it suitable for both small and large companies.

Merlin Connect is the 4.0 platform, compatible with any brand/type of machinery, designed to collect and process production data.

Its technology makes it suitable for both small and large companies.

Get the best performance from your machinery with Merlin Connect

The complete and ready-to-use software for industry 4.0

Merlin Connect is a connector specifically designed for industry 4.0, suitable for any market sector. Its flexible technology allows you to export and monitor the data produced by any type of machinery (presses, machining centres, lathes, professional ovens, cranes etc.). Conversely, it allows a smart production management as it sends remote commands to the machinery. Everything is done simply from a web-based interface accessible from any device.


Collection and monitoring of data

Merlin Connect can acquire and work on any kind of data that comes from the machinery (e.g. number of parts produced, average production time for each part, start and end times, errors etc.). Collected data can be viewed through its web-based interface from which it is possible to consult, analyze and export data in the form of file (.pdf, .csv, .xls, email) for further processing.

Two-way connection

Merlin Connect establishes a two-way connection with the machinery. In this way you get a double function: the system collects and processes the data generated in the production phase, and at the same time also allows you to send management commands from the cloud interface to the machinery in order to obtain remote control of the interconnected machinery.

Data storage

After extracting the data from the machinery, Merlin Connect stores them in specific databases: this function allows you to store information and create records which can be consulted to produce reports, statistical analyses and forecasts.


1. With a Cloud Web interface

Merlin Connect has a proprietary web interface* through which to view the data produced by the machinery: you just need to log in using your own credentials to consult, analyze and/or export data. Through the platform it is also possible to send remote commands to the machinery and carry out all the related operations. Using this mode you can also connect multiple machinery to have a centralized management of all the company equipment.

* The web interface is available in multiple languages and it is accessible remotely using any device

2. With an ERP management system

Merlin Connect can import machine data directly into the ERP system (or make them available to it) where they can be analysed and processed according to your needs. At the same time, it can read or receive data from the ERP system and transmit them to the machines (or make the information available to them).

3. Stand-alone

The software collects the machine data so it can export them and make them available as files, tables, web services or other outputs. Alternatively, it reads the data from the various outputs and makes them available to the machinery.


Depending on your needs and the operating mode you choose, Merlin Connect can be installed with two different solutions: on a device provided by us with the software pre-installed and ready for use, or on an existing computer or server which uses Windows OS.

merlin box

Merlin Box

With pre-installed software

Company Server

With Windows OS


Merlin Connect is compatible with a variety of technologies: the only feature it needs for integration is that the machine is able to exchange data with external systems.

Whatever you want. Every machine transmits different data depending on its features and functions. You choose the data you want to display based on your objectives and the information you need (timing, errors, number of parts produced, etc.).

No, Merlin Connect can also be used in ‘own monitor mode’ (#1): thanks to its modern, intuitive interface, you can consult the data extracted from your machines and perform all related operations.

No, Merlin Connect can be connected to any management system, adapting to its technology (web service, FTP, .csv files, .xls files, intermediate database tables, etc.).

Merlin Connect is ready to use: as it is a cloud service, the software can be installed remotely without technicians having to visit your company.

This means you can use Merlin Connect wherever you are and, should you need assistance, there are no travel costs.

Merlin Connect can be up and running within a few days or hours even (depending on the type of installation), after configuring the connection according to the technology supported by the machinery (CNC, PLC, etc.).

Obviously, this excludes the time required for project analysis (requirements, functions, operating mode, etc.).

No, you don’t need any additional hardware. Being a cloud-based service, there is no need to purchase a server to host it or any other equipment. All you need is a PC which uses the Windows operating system and is connected to the company’s network.


Merlin Connect has been chosen by both large and small companies which operate in the food, eyewear, carpentry, mechanical and plastics processing, door and window manufacturing, chemical/pharmaceutical sectors. Thanks to Merlin Connect, these companies have successfully developed important Industry 4.0 projects. Here are some examples:



  • Machinery: Easy Jet 7.14, CNC machining centre for woodworking and woodcarving

  • Project: Merlin Connect reads the file containing the number of parts produced and the production times, making it available to staff for consultation and analysis
  • Results: more efficient scheduling of workloads and delivery times, optimisation of staff activity


  • Machinery: STR bending machine

  • Project: two-way interconnection. Data received: on/off times, alerts, data about orders. Commands sent: on/off times, specific production data (type of program,  item code, quantity…).
  • Results: remote control of the bending machine, monitoring of functional parameters, optimised production process, prompt response in case of alert.


  • Machiney: Bucher pneumatic wine press

  • Project: configuration of the Merlin Connect cloud interface for recording and displaying the required data: filling valve status, pressure, type of running program etc.
  • Results: reduction of the time spent checking the press and constant updating on its activity, optimization of its use



  • Machinery: Mecal SW 453 Argus double mitre saw for aluminium and PVC

  • Project: the company sends information to the machine via Merlin Connect in order to cut the material. The software records the processing data and transmits them to staff
  • Results: more accurate data on production costs, definition of working time, better organisation of deliveries, leaner operations


  • Machinery: Lemorau label printing machine

  • Project: two-way interconnection to record and send data about the printing processes and material consumption
  • Results: complete management of the traceability of the printing processes, precise data on the relationship between expected / actually used material consumption


  • Machinery: Modula automated warehouses

  • Project: : interconnection between the automated warehouses and the ERP management system to improve synchronisation between the virtual warehouse (Modula) and the actual stock
  • Results: no more differences between the virtual and physical warehouses and stock discrepancies, enhanced logistics flows, more efficient warehouse management


Merlin Connect has been already installed on

  • Ovens

  • Industrial washing machines

  • Cold rooms

  • Mitre saws

  • Capping machines

  • Vacuum packaging machines

  • Chamber packaging machines

  • CNC for metal and sheet metal

  • CNC for wood and aluminium

  • CNC for plastic and PVC

  • Corking machines

  • Labelling machines

  • Automatic dispensers

  • Milling machines

  • Shrink tunnels

  • Presses and compressors

  • Automated warehouses

  • Lens-cutting machining centre

  • Bending machines

  • Ice cream makers






Merlin Connect was developed to meet the needs of different sectors. We know it inside out, which is why we are able to integrate it into a wide variety of Industry 4.0 projects, adapting it to specific conditions and machinery.


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